Tips for your shoot

Your photo shoot is all about having a great time and capturing priceless moments you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy and cherish for years to come!  Below are some tips for your shoot:


We want your little one to be comfy and sleepy.  In order to make this happen, the most important things to remember are that baby needs to have a full tummy, be warm and cozy and in a relaxed atmosphere.  To accomplish this, it is best to feed your little one right before the shoot ( you can do this when I arrive if we’re shooting at your home or before you leave the house if we’re shooting elsewhere is okay too because the car ride will usually help them sleep)  If you’ll be traveling with baby to the shoot and feeding them before you leave, it’s best to dress them in a button up outfit (anything that doesn’t have to go over their head).  If you’ll be feeding baby at the location of the shoot, dress them down to just a diaper, loosen the diaper tabs and wrap them in a snugly blanket.  I will have a space heater to keep the area of the shoot nice and warm so your baby will not get cold.  I have blankets and props available but feel free to grab whatever accessories, blankets, favorite toys etc… as we can often work them into the shoot to make your pictures as unique as possible.


When preparing for your child’s photo shoot you only need one outfit but can grab a couple if you’d like.  I will do my best to keep the shoot as fun as possible for your child and get as many shots in as I can.  However, know that with every shoot there will come a point where kids start to loose interest and that is okay!  Also, don’t worry if your little one is shy at first and it takes a while to warm up to having their picture taken, that is very normal and kids will eventually relax as time goes on.  I always plan on kids needing a break for snack, or just a hug 🙂 so don’t stress if the shoot doesn’t go quickly, that is what custom photography is all about- taking the time for your child to feel comfortable and have a good time.  As far as what to wear- any colors or patterns will work.  Clothes that have texture such as scarves, layered clothes, hats etc… are great!  Sleeved outfits generally photograph better than sleeveless but either will work fine.

Pre-teen/ Teen

Clothing that works well is similar to what works for kids- things with texture and grit to them, scarves, boots, heels, hats etc… Layers are always good.  One of the most important things to think about is the location of your shoot- think about what type of feel you’d like your pictures to have, soft, romantic, urban, modern, hip etc… Also think about the lighting of the images, do you like bright and vibrant or moody and cool.  We’ll take some time with test shots just to get your teen comfortable.  I will direct them as how to pose at times but for the most part I find that teens (and kids) will often pose without knowing it and the more natural looking the pose the better- so I just work with them on enhancing what comes natural to them.


Again, one of the biggest questions is what to wear- My suggestion would be to pick a color scheme and have members of the family wear things that a similar but don’t match exactly such as fall colors (i.e. oranges, brown, reds) ; however the  jean and white shirts for everyone type design is a classic so feel free to go with that if you’d like.  It’s really up to you.  I would suggest to try to stay with more solid colors than patterns.

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