Oh Baby! Mommy has a new lens

Thanks to my husband for the new lens! Cannon’s little 50mm 1.8 packs a punch!

Having fun trying it out taking pictures of our little sweetheart, oh man she is beautiful inside and out! 🙂IMG_0462 IMG_0461 IMG_0460 AIMG_0436 IMG_0447 IMG_0446 IMG_0442 AIMG_0437


WOW! Life is busy!

I can’t believe how crazy life can get in between 2 jobs, juggling everything that goes with keeping up with the house and trying to be super mom to 3 awesome little ones! I finally found a few minutes to snap some pictures of our sweet Addie!AIMG_0538




Brynn and Eve with mom

Back up and running after maternity leave! It will take a while to get through all the backed up photo shoots but I’ll get there! 🙂  These little girls were fun as always! ~ poor dad got called into work so the scheduled family shoot was a bust but I’m sure dad will be excited to see pictures of all the fun his wonderful girls had…will get you in some pictures next time dad!ImageImageImageImageImageImage Image ImageImage

Senior Model Spotlight!

I’m still on maternity leave and home with our new little sweetheart, so haven’t started shoots back up but have found a little time to catch up on some long overdue editing!  Although senior portrait season is long over, I couldn’t help but post a spotlight of this beautiful model…both inside and out! She has been SOOO OOO patient with me as I wasn’t able to finish editing her outdoor portrait shoot  due to going out on maternity early from some complications (got that yearbook photo in though!).  BUT! my little baby is here, wonderful and healthy and Kara’s shoot is edited! Yay! These are some of my very favorite images!  Kara was so much fun and I was excited from the moment her mother told me she wanted to try an edgier shoot than the traditional nature setting.  I love to shoot in a variety of settings but get particularly inspired when I can try something different and we found some great settings with some awesome colors and textures as we took a walk through the city of Syracuse.  



She’s here!

Our sweet little girl was born November 18, 2013!

Our sweet little girl was born November 18, 2013!

AIMG_0123 AIMG_0191

My Maternity Leave

Still awaiting the birth of our little baby girl; so thankful I was able to find a day to dress up a little and get some great photos with my husband and little boys !


Baldigo Sibling Portraits

The Baldigos are friends of ours so it was extra special to be able to take photographs of the kids.  They were all so great.  The oldest, Rachel, is an aspiring photographer herself and is very talented.  I could tell she’s been photographing her siblings a lot as they were well prepared with natural poses.


WIMG_0020(10x15) WIMG_0029 WIMG_0033 WIMG_0037 WIMG_0060(11x14crop) WIMG_0068  WIMG_0106(10x15 crop) WIMG_0144WIMG_0080

Mom is expecting again!!!~ closed for business for a little while after September 2013

Jenn's Maternity Pics self portrait 003


We’ll be adding another wonderful addition to our family sometime this November. I am only taking photographs through September and have already booked all available dates (If I’ve spoken to you already, don’t worry – I’ve included you in my available dates so we will get your photo shoot in! ) What I will be doing from now through September is keeping a wait list as dates are known to come up either through cancellations or I am able to fit more in-  if you are interested in a photo shoot please send me an email, text, facebook message or give me a call and I will let you know within a couple days what the possibility for a shoot looks like and if there are dates immediately available 🙂 thanks everyone!!!

The Easterly Family 2013

    Image     Image      Image




  Image         Image

Brynn & Eve

Brynn & Eve

Finally had a beautiful day to start photographing outdoors…and what a great family to share the day with! It was fun to watch these two sweet sisters exploring the sunshine in their backyard.